Pictures from a Trip to South America
February and March, 2003

Tim Hilliard -- Copyright 2003

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001.jpg (94783 bytes) La Moneda, the presidential office building in Santiago
002.jpg (71386 bytes) Inside La Moneda
003.jpg (83970 bytes) Inside La Moneda
004.jpg (71985 bytes) One of two murals - this one of the history of Mexico - by great Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros in Escuela México, Chillán, Chile
005.jpg (91487 bytes) Second Siqueiros mural - this one of the history of Chile, Escuela México, Chillán


006.jpg (82485 bytes) Food stand, Chillán Market
007.jpg (109883 bytes) Chillán Market
008.jpg (95753 bytes) Chillán Market
009.jpg (129359 bytes) Chillán Market
010.jpg (132215 bytes) Chillán Market - yes, I love markets and Chillán is one of the best!
011.jpg (102867 bytes) Angelmó - port district of Puerto Montt 
012.jpg (127867 bytes) Angelmó - clearly a very low tide!
013.jpg (111277 bytes) Angelmó
014.jpg (70537 bytes) Cerro McKay, Coyhaique
015.jpg (63995 bytes) Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo, south of Coyhaique
016.jpg (71675 bytes) Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo
017.jpg (74848 bytes) Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo
018.jpg (62697 bytes) Kitten in lap, bus from Coyhaique to Cochrane
021.jpg (87799 bytes) Wind-blown geese, Puerto Tranquilo
022.jpg (145999 bytes) Cemetery in form of small houses, Puerto Tranquilo
029.jpg (133719 bytes) Cemetery, Puerto Tranquilo
023.jpg (86207 bytes) At the Catedral de Mármol, Lago General Carrera
024.jpg (93890 bytes) Catedral de Mármol
025.jpg (61727 bytes) Cabeza de Perro, Catedral de Mármol
026.jpg (62577 bytes) Catedral de Mármol
027.jpg (123562 bytes) Catedral de Mármol - this is a small island, completely undermined by water dissolving the marble - the boat went right underneath!
028.jpg (52487 bytes) Catedral de Mármol
019.jpg (70950 bytes) Huasos (Chilean cowboys) in Puerto Tranquilo, Lago General Carrera
020.jpg (89747 bytes) Puerto Tranquilo Huasos
030.jpg (126053 bytes) Puerto Tranquilo Huasos
031.jpg (138221 bytes) Rodeo, Puerto Tranquilo
032.jpg (87583 bytes) Rodeo, Puerto Tranquilo
033.jpg (99722 bytes) Lago General Carrera - the little island almost center of picture is the Catedral de Mármol
034.jpg (71249 bytes) Lago General Carrera and smaller lake
037.jpg (69390 bytes) Rio Baker, the largest river in Chile, which drains Lago General Carrera 
038.jpg (111468 bytes) Caleta Tortel, a car-free village on a fjord in southern Aisén, Chile
040.jpg (126808 bytes) Caleta Tortel - the gazebo-like structure is the main Plaza. Everything is on boardwalks, stairs, etc.
039.jpg (82108 bytes) Coicopihue, close relative of the copihue, Chile's national flower. Caleta Tortel
041.jpg (55447 bytes) Fogón - wood cook stove - in kitchen of hospedaje, Puerto Guadel, Lago General Carrera 
042.jpg (74991 bytes) Crossing Lago General Carrera in the wind, between Chile Chico and Puerto Ingeniero Ibáńez
043.jpg (41535 bytes) Little plant, Reserva Nacional Coyhaique
044.jpg (56539 bytes) Cara del Indio, Coyhaique
045.jpg (86044 bytes) Saltos dobles, Parque Pumalín 
046.jpg (101157 bytes) Foliage, Parque Pumalín 
047.jpg (98925 bytes) Club-moss (?) Parque Pumalín 
048.jpg (124139 bytes) Salto Tronador, Parque Pumalín 
049.jpg (77879 bytes) Caleta Gonzalo, Parque Pumalín 
050.jpg (99059 bytes) Caleta Gonzalo, Parque Pumalín 
051.jpg (122246 bytes) Caleta Gonzalo, Parque Pumalín 
052.jpg (67061 bytes) Castro de Chiloé from the Chaitén ferry - the famous sheet-metal cathedral on the skyline
056.jpg (138121 bytes) Fuchsia bush, Cucao, west coast of Chiloé
057.jpg (91285 bytes) Looking in from the ocean to the lake, Cucao, Parque Nacional Chiloé
059.jpg (114045 bytes) Me looking like a viejito under giant nalca leaves on the dunes, Cucao, Parque Nacional Chiloé
060.jpg (95069 bytes) Main street, Cucao, with oxcart
053.jpg (82414 bytes) Low tide in Chonchi, a well-preserved Chiloé village about 20 KM south of Castro
054.jpg (66050 bytes) Unintentional political statement on the beach, Chonchi, Chiloé - the painter meant no botar basura, "don't throw trash" which is pronounced the same; instead he says "don't vote trash" which I felt was appropriate too
055.jpg (81385 bytes) Old building in Chonchi
061.jpg (113752 bytes) Achao, Chiloé, from the top of a hill
062.jpg (113812 bytes) Old home in Achao, Chiloé - typically, the shingle pattern is unique on each building.
063.jpg (131733 bytes) Fishing boats, Ancud, Chiloé
064.jpg (58293 bytes) Volcán Osorno, in morning mist, from Saltos de Petrohue 
065.jpg (35685 bytes) Volcán Osorno, as morning mist clears
066.jpg (90590 bytes) Saltos de Petrohue 
067.jpg (73434 bytes) East view of Volcán Osorno from the Lago Todos Santos boat
068.jpg (56486 bytes) Cerro Puntiagudo (needlepoint) from the Lago Todos Santos boat
069.jpg (139693 bytes) Private homes in park inholdings along Lago Todos Santos
070.jpg (75594 bytes) Cerro Tronador from Lago Todos Santos 
071.jpg (88398 bytes) Cerro Puntiagudo from east end of Lago Todos Santos
072.jpg (96221 bytes) Cerro Tronador from near the pass at the Chile / Argentina border  
073.jpg (100903 bytes) Close-up of Cerro Tronador from west
074.jpg (90426 bytes) Another close-up of Cerro Tronador from west
075.jpg (68974 bytes) Peaks over Lago Frias, near Chile / Argentina border (on Argentina side)
076.jpg (48475 bytes) Late afternoon on Lago Frias
077.jpg (26127 bytes) Condor above Cerro Catedral near Bariloche, Argentina
078.jpg (18267 bytes) Condor above Cerro Catedral 
079.jpg (88264 bytes) View from Cerro Catedral
080.jpg (146639 bytes) Tiny alpine plants, Cerro Catedral
081.jpg (132799 bytes) Jagged granite ridges at Cerro Catedral
082.jpg (113741 bytes) Jagged granite ridges at Cerro Catedral
083.jpg (129919 bytes) Cirque headwall, Cerro Catedral
084.jpg (131413 bytes) Ventisquero Negro on east side of Cerro Tronador
085.jpg (104049 bytes) Wasting ice, Ventisquero Negro 
086.jpg (102130 bytes) Monkey flower, near Ventisquero Negro
087.jpg (83401 bytes) Classic view of Tronador from Pampa Linda, Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi
088.jpg (130247 bytes) Forest of arrayán trees near Cerro Llao Llao, Lago Nahuel Huapi
089.jpg (111324 bytes) "Firecracker" fuchsia, near Cerro Llao Llao, Lago Nahuel Huapi
090.jpg (62124 bytes) View northwest from Cerro Llao Llao, Lago Nahuel Huapi
091.jpg (99970 bytes) View southwest from Cerro Llao Llao, Lago Nahuel Huapi
092.jpg (115037 bytes) Forest of arrayán trees, Parque Nacional Los Arrayánes
093.jpg (90830 bytes) Close-up of a large arrayán trunk, Parque Nacional Los Arrayánes
094.jpg (117261 bytes) Close-up of bark on large arrayán tree

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