Pictures from four trips to Chile and Argentina, 1997 - 2003:
Page 4, The Chilean Heartland

All pictures copyright Tim Hilliard, 1997 - 2003

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The Plaza de Armas - symbolic heart of Chile.  This picture shows the Cathedral through the trees of the main plaza in Santiago, 1997
Another shot of the Plaza de Armas.  This picture shows stylish santiaguinos walking by the fountains on a warm day in early summer, 1997
san_cristobal.jpg (6094 bytes) Statue of the Virgin Mary that overlooks Santiago from Cerro San Cristóbal, 1997
Mapuche dancers take a breather in the streets of Santiago, while combining dancing and music with pleas for help in their struggle for land and resources (1999)
Another of the contrasts one sees every day in Chile - the old cathedral is reflected in the shiny mirrored windows of a skyscraper, Santiago (1999)
A different shot of the old Santiago cathedral reflected in mirrored windows - two years later, with the construction finished, it was possible to get a more distant view (2001)
43_huenecitos_tn.jpg (2349 bytes) Sign at the gate of Hueñecito, a school in the comuna (neighborhood) of La Pintana (a very poor part of Santiago). The school is in constant need of money and goods, and if anyone is interested in helping I can connect you with the "Amigos de Hueñicito" organization.  (1999)
44_huenecitos_tn.jpg (2349 bytes) The school, which is not affiliated with the government or a church, is a place where students can learn about other subjects along with the "three Rs," like equality, freedom, indigenous rights, the role of women in society, and the environment. (1999)
Turri clock tower, Valparaíso (2001)
Looking up the Turri or Cerro Concepción ascensor, Valparaíso (2001)
Looking down the Cerro Concepción ascensor, Valparaíso (2001)
In Cerro Concepción neighborhood, Valparaíso (2001)
In Cerro Concepción neighborhood, Valparaíso (2001)
In Cerro Concepción neighborhood, Valparaíso (2001)
In Cerro Concepcion neighborhood, Valparaíso (2001)
Ascensor Polanco, entrance, Valparaíso (2001)
View from top of Ascensor Polanco, Valparaíso (2001)
Neighborhood above Ascensor Polanco, Valparaíso (2001)
Looking down on hill neighborhood, Ascensor Polanco, Valparaíso (2001)
Hill neighborhood, Ascensor Polanco area, Valparaíso (2001)
001.jpg (94783 bytes) La Moneda, the presidential office building in Santiago, 2003
002.jpg (71386 bytes) Inside La Moneda, 2003
003.jpg (83970 bytes) Inside La Moneda, 2003
004.jpg (71985 bytes) One of two murals - this one of the history of Mexico - by great Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros in Escuela México, Chillán, Chile, 2003
005.jpg (91487 bytes) Second Siqueiros mural - this one of the history of Chile, Escuela México, Chillán, 2003 
006.jpg (82485 bytes) Food stand, Chillán Market, 2003
007.jpg (109883 bytes) Chillán Market, 2003
008.jpg (95753 bytes) Chillán Market, 2003
009.jpg (129359 bytes) Chillán Market, 2003
010.jpg (132215 bytes) Chillán Market, 2003 - yes, I love markets and Chillán is one of the best!

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